Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

The Pubhouses Dialogues (always looking for contributors) is "The Velvet Hammer" (a name Mickey gave me) under my Pen-name/Net-Name of Arrietty. (A character in a book called "The Borrowers.") 
I am a person of peace, an old hippy, an atheist and an evolutionary.  I am a Green and darn near vegetarian/vegan.  I will send you my year report in a week (ish). As a forewarning, this might have been the worst year of my life. I certainly hope so.  But ever like the Phoenix, I was born to rise from my own ashes.  Have done.  Will do.      then click on Velvet Hammer and you see all my posts. They are way off the chart. Trust me.  I stick my neck out to say things many people are afraid to even think.  I am sassy as can be!
Anyway, here is an awesome suggestion for Gratitude to our Soldiers.  Committed to peace as I am, this still made me cry and when that happens, I am assured it has some power.  So I share it with you, my nearest and dearest.
Gratitude - Sign for Thank you
Hugs ever,
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