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the DC documentary project

Greetings -

We're taking a moment this holiday season to thank you for your help and participation in the making of the R.Rock Films Washington, D.C. documentary The Legend of Cool "Disco" Dan: The True Story of an Urban Phantom and the Murder Capital that Raised Him.  

To date, we've completed interviews with over forty musicians, politicians, journalists, authors, professors, graffiti writers, officers, activists, former gang members and drug dealers, television personalities, and other DC fixtures. A small selection of our interviewees includes Marion Barry, Chuck Brown, former Washington Post reporters Paul Hendrickson, Patrice Gaines, and Alona Wartofsky; members of go-go bands Trouble Funk, Rare Essence, E.U., Pleasure, Ayre Rayde, Redds and the Boys, as well as representatives from DC fixtures like clothing store Universal Madness and restaurant Ben's Chili Bowl.  We couldn't be more excited about how things have been going and the momentum that the project has gathered thanks to all of your involvement.  Interviews with some of our most eagerly anticipated (as well as some of the most well-known) participants are yet to come.

We'd like to once again reach out to you all in the hopes that you might have a forgotten piece of video footage, period photo, or any other piece of memorabilia that might be appropriate to our story.  We need all we can find!  Also - are we missing anyone that we should interview?  We're all ears.

Again, thank you all.  We wish you a happy new year and much success in the future.

Caleb Neelon, Roger Gastman, and Joseph Pattisal.

Caleb Neelon
R. Rock Films
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