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Tonight I will celebrate 24 years clean from all drugs (NA style) - 12.28.1983

Tonight I will celebrate 24 years clean from all drugs (NA style)  - 12.28.1983

Narcotics Anonymous saved my life - for that I am forever grateful

I am starting another book called
"the Gift of Grace" - 80 photographs and 80 pages of text 1-365 sentences of hope - experience and positive vibes
This is the beginning  :
Gift of Grace

1) I am not in the problem today, now I am living in the solution, a friend that I help says, God put you in my life for a reason.
2) We have a Story. This story gives others Hope. This path gives us a sense of direction and validates our purpose and others experience a sense of belonging. We are living our dreams while recognizing the reality of freedom.
3) We don't get to pick our Clean Date. (An addict has no choice in active addiction). I believe in Grace, some may call it Divine Intervention, because I am an addict who got clean miraculously and stayed clean after some exposure to Narcotics Anonymous. I can remember before that exposure, I could not go a day, much less than a few hours with taking some kind of drug, Alcohol, Marijuana, or pill to escape my present reality. Today I understand my recovery from active drug addiction to being a blessing that only a few are chosen with the gift of recovery and freedom from active addiction.  The luck of the Irish. For this new chance on life, I am forever grateful.
4) Eventually in recovery our spirits run together and our words sound the same.  Our light reflects our gratitude when we understand that we have found freedom. Now we are able to live in the here and now.
5) We pray, we trust God and we move forward in hopes that it will do some good. A survival manual and a map on how to succeed in joyous living by living a spiritual life. We are so very fortunate to have our lives clean today. We each know what miracles we are.  And more than that, we have each other. When you really quiet down and pay attention, it is like this: the world is the surface of a pond and there are things moving down there that reach up to splash events that would catch us by surprise if we couldn't see it coming. Reading Einstein lately and even he wasn't exactly sure what light was. Is light a wave of energy or a particle? Pretty basic question, but where would we be without light. And the spirit is like light or the absence of it. Nice to be out of the river of scum, high on the bank and watch it all go by.

© Keeley 2007 All Photographs Copyright 2007 Christopher Keeley

Chris k.
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