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Kucinich Barred from Democratic Debate in Iowa

Kucinich Barred from Democratic Debate in Iowa

In campaign news, Congressmember and Democratic hopeful Dennis Kucinich has been excluded from today’s Democratic presidential debate in Iowa. Debate sponsor the Des Moines Register told Kucinich he isn’t eligible because he doesn’t meet local requirements on a local campaign office and paid staff. Kucinich’s Iowa field director works out of a home office. The most recent poll of likely Democratic voters shows Kucinich has one percent support in Iowa—the same as Senator Chris Dodd. Nationally, Kucinich has two percent support—the same as Bill Richardson and Senator Joe Biden. Dodd, Richardson and Biden are all taking part in today’s debate. In a statement, the Kuncinich campaign called the exclusion “arbitrary and unreasonable”, saying: “[If] the Register has decided to use hair-splitting technicalities to exclude the leading voice of the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party, the entire process is suspect.”

California Town Votes Out Pro-Blackwater Board Members

A rural California town has won a significant victory against the private military firm Blackwater. Residents of Potrero have voted out all five members of the local planning group who supported plans for a Blackwater training camp in their area. The incumbents were all replaced by five candidates opposing Blackwater. Plans for the new site include multiple firing ranges, training towers, an armory, a helipad, an urban simulation training area and a driving track.

Army Suicides in 2007 Reach All-Time High

In military news, new figures show a record 109 soldiers have killed themselves this year. The previous high came in 1992, when 102 soldiers took their own lives.

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