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The Reality of Israeli Settlements

Thanks to Ron Spiers. This is a long article, but well worth reading.
The author is an Israeli. Bob Keeley

Apologies if you have read it.  If not,read it and weep

Ron Spiers < <>> thought
you would be interested in
the following article from The New York Review of Books.


The New York Review of Books
December 6, 2007

A Moral Witness to the 'Intricate Machine'
By Avishai Margalit

'I am an Israeli. I live in Jerusalem. I have a story, not yet

finished, to tell.' This is the opening line of David Shulman's

powerful and memorable book, Dark Hope, a diary of four years of

political activity in Israel and the Palestinian territories. It is a

record of the author's intense involvement with a volunteer

organization composed of Israeli Palestinians and Israeli Jews, called

Ta'ayush, an Arabic term for 'living together' or 'life in common.'

The group was founded in October 2000, soon after the start of the

second Palestinian intifada.
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