Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

A Must Read: Uri Avnery on Annapolis

Uri Avnery

How to Get Out?

THE ANNAPOLIS conference is a joke. Though not in the least funny.

Like quite a lot of political initiatives, this one too, according to
all the indications, started more or less by accident. George Bush was
due to make a speech. He was looking for a theme that would give it some
substance. Something that would divert attention away from his fiascos
in Iraq and Afghanistan. Something simple, optimistic, easy to swallow.

Somehow, the idea of a "meeting" of leaders to promote the
Israeli-Palestinian "process" came up. An international meeting is
always nice - it looks good on television, it provides plenty of
photo-opportunities, it radiates optimism. We meet, ergo we exist.

So Bush voiced the idea: a "meeting" for the promotion of peace between
Israel and the Palestinians.

Without any preceding strategic planning, any careful preparations,
anything much at all.

That's why Bush did not go into any details: no clear aim, no agenda, no
location, no date, no list of invitees. Just an ethereal meeting. This
fact by itself testifies to the lack of seriousness of the entire

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