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Radiohead to Sell an ‘In Rainbows’ CD

Radiohead to Sell an ‘In Rainbows’ CD

After distributing digital downloads of its new album, “In Rainbows,” last month, in many cases free, the British rock band Radiohead said yesterday it would begin to sell a version on compact disc through an independent label on Jan. 1. As previously reported, the band will sell the album in an arrangement with ATO Records and a related spinoff label, TBD Records. Representatives of the band, which is fronted by Thom Yorke said yesterday that ATO planned to seek radio airplay for two of the album’s songs, “Bodysnatchers” and “Jigsaw Falling Into Place.” Questions about the prospects for selling a CD version of “In Rainbows” have lingered since the band let fans name their own price — even nothing — for downloading the album from a Radiohead Web site, So far, the band has declined to detail how many copies were distributed, or for what price, and has disputed a recent outside study suggesting that more than a million copies were downloaded. (The price of the CD has not yet been set.) The shift to an independent label comes after Radiohead fulfilled its long-term contract with the music giant EMI Group. EMI said last week that it planned to package Radiohead’s six previous studio albums and a live album in a CD box set, and in other formats, for sale on Dec. 10

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