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Ursula Andress

Bond girls gallery 

Ursula Andress

<b>Actress:</b> Ursula Andress<br><br><b>Bond girl name:</b> Honey Ryder<br><br><b>Movie:</b> "Dr. No"<br><br><B>James Bond: </B> Sean Connery<br><br><b>Year:</b> 1962

Bond girl name: Honey Ryder

Movie: "Dr. No"

James Bond: Sean Connery

Year: 1962 (Courtesy Abrams Books)

Britt Ekland
<B>Actress:</B> Britt Ekland<br><br><B>Bond girl name:</B>  Mary Goodnight<br><br><B>Movie:</B>  "The Man With the Golden Gun"<br><br><B>James Bond:</B>  Roger Moore<br><br><B>Year:</B> 1974

Bond girl name: Mary Goodnight

Movie: "The Man With the Golden Gun"

James Bond: Roger Moore

Year: 1974 (United Artists)

Halle Berry

<B> Actress:</B> Halle Berry<br><br><B> Bond girl name: </B> Jinx<br><br><B> Movie: </B> "Die Another Day"<br><br><B> James Bond: </B> Pierce Brosnan<br><br><B> Year: </B>  2002

Bond girl name: Jinx

Movie: "Die Another Day"

James Bond: Pierce Brosnan

Year: 2002 (Keith Hamshere)
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