Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

Bottle service is infectious. We all know the

Bottle service is infectious. We all know the
scenario; a long line behind the velvet rope, a
packed nightclub, a mass of bodies struggling to
reach the bar for another cocktail and yet a small inti-
mate group of friends sit comfortably at their own table
watching the chaos unfold in front of them, a mosaic of
juices, glassware and fruit covering the table and the
centerpiece, their very own bottle of liquor! Now look
a little further and you will see a smile, a big wide smile
on the face of the Manager, he has 50 tables inside his club
and there is a waiting list for every single one of them.
Bottle Service has become the 'it' thing for night-
clubs across the country, a brilliant marketing scenario
that has the masses paying for the privilege of extrava-
gance. In no city does the role of bottle service have
more sway because quite simply decadence rules
nowhere else like it does in Las Vegas. Nightclubs across
the city have been quick to catch-on in creating bottle
minimums and holding their tables for the highest bid-
der. Suddenly, purchasing one bottle is not sufficient;
your party of eight now requires three bottles on a
Saturday night. To follow the explosion of this trend,
we first have to look at where the idea of bottle service
came from and how it has reached where it is today
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