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In 1985 Psychic TV released the first 12 inch record in the world to include the phrase “ACID HOUSE”

In 1985 Psychic TV released the first 12 inch record in the world to include the phrase “ACID HOUSE” in its title. “TURN ON, TUNE IN, TO THE ACID HOUSE” featured samples of Dr. Timothy Leary and was a call to techno-psychedlic arms. During the mid to late eighties Psychic TV were instrumental in fomenting and championing the Techno and Rave movements both in Britain and in urban America. Unfortunately the owners of the Superman copyrights took issue with the label image (that was actually an image of Superman from a tab of acid, with a Psychick Cross added in his hand! Ooops!). The record had to be withdrawn before it was really released and copies are now extremely rare and sought after by DJs.

Similtaneously to all this site-specific “CULTURAL ENGINEERING” during the 1970’s and 1980’s Genesis became a close friend of, and collaborated on events and other projects with Beatnik luminaries William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin; and with seminal gay English film-maker Derek Jarman who were all very critical influences upon all aspects of his life, which of course is also his mode of expression and creativity. 


Genesis met William S. Burroughs in London in 1970 at Duke Street, ST. James, London.
During their lifelong friendship Burroughs released the prophetically titled "NOTHING HERE NOW BUT THE RECORDINGS" on Industrial Records ion 1981. The first ever album to include his famous experiments with cut-up tape recordings that began at the Beat Hotel, Paris in the 1950's. As it turned out it was the last record released by IR. Burroughs also came to England to be feted at a series of events conceived by Genesis P-Orridge as "THE FINAL ACADEMY" and curated and realised by David Dawson, Roger Ely and Genesis P-Orridge with the support of James Grauerholz in 1982. Brion Gysin entered Genesis' world in person in the mid-70's in Paris and they became firm friends until Brion's death in 1986. To this day Genesis has felt unable to return to Paris because he misses his friend so much and associates the city with him. Gysin performed at The Final Academy as well. Assisted Monte Cazazza to record "Kick That Habit Man" for IR. In return Genesis' connected Brion Gysin and Terry Wilson with VALE at RE/SEARCH books and enabled "PLANET 101-HERE TO GO" to be published for the first time. T.O.P.Y. made plans for Brion's innovative "DREAMACHINE" available worldwide, to honor a promise made to Brion to always proseletise his ideas and works in his memory. Recommended books about Burroughs and Gysin will be reviewed on this site under our WRITINGS zone.

As the 1990’s came around Genesis found himself exiled from Britain after one too many ironic and inflamatory conflicts with the Established order there. A bogus raid was conducted upon his house based upon slanderous and false allegations rooted in bigotry at his lifestyle and more importantly aimed at scapegoating and intimidating him to suppress his humanitarian and liberal ideals. He ended up stranded with two children, Caresse and Genesse in Kathmandu. They had been there months using up all the income he had made from his (then) successful musical recordings to finance daily soup kitchens at Boudenath Stupa for lepers, Tibettan refugees and Nepali beggar children to get them through the harsh Winter. Some days, with his kids helping, he fed 300-500 refugees assisted by Tibettan Buddhist monks linked to Samye Ling Temple in Scotland where he was a devotee at the time whenever possible. He had asked the retreat master Lama Yeshe what to do with his good fortune, Lama Yeshe had said, go to Nepal and help. Now, suddenly losing his two homes and all he owned, and his record label he decided to ask again what would be best. After all, if he'd been selfish and stayed in the UK with his loot he'd have been truly, legally victimised to who knows what degree? So, after audiences with the spiritual leaders he trusted, on the advice of Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche a Tibettan Lama and the Agori Baba whilst in limbo in Kathmandhu, Nepal, he packed his two bags of belongiongs left to him in the whole world it seemed and relocated to Northern California,U.S.A. on 23rd March 1992.

He ended up under the nurturing eyes and roof of Michael Horowitz and through him met Terence McKenna; the pioneers of Cyber-prophecy of MONDO 2000 and Dr Timothy Leary. For a while he aided and abetted Leary with his live multi-media events “How To Operate Your Brain” supplying “HYPERDELIC” video mixes, live-mixed audio improvisations and even speaking himself and chairing question and answer sessions.

He also met and collaborated/performed with many of the early Rave organisers in Los Angeles peaking with "SHIVA'S EROTIC BANQUET" and San Francisco culminating with a 24 hour rave of his own called "DON'T DRINK THEE WATER", as well as meeting countless other musicians, writers and artists everywhere.

Genesis has regularly lectured at numerous Universities; Colleges; Seminars and Arts Centres in Europe, America and Japan from 1969 to the present and continues to enjoy teaching and sharing whatever he has learned or felt with others if it seems of any use to them. His essays, texts, theories and interviews have appeared in literally thousands of newspapers and magazines; he has also featured in over fifty books since 1965 and continues to do so. Collections of his writings have been published under the titles “ESOTERRORIST”; “THEE PSYCHICK BIBLE” and “TO BE EX-DREAM”. He is a regular contributor to both TV programming by Richard Metzger and the Disinformation Company, and to their book publishing ventures. The forthcoming "BOOK OF LIES" will include 3 essays by Genesis, including an important new piece analysing Burroughs and Gysin as master magicians.

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