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Colin Anderson

Colin Anderson

Dear Mr Keeley,
Today on the internet - I came across a photograph of my late twin brother Colin Anderson, together with an account of his death.
As I see you lived in Zimbabwe for some time - I assume the photo was taken by you? - As there were some inaccuracies in the account of how he died - I would be grateful if you would get in touch with me.
Meryl Harrison

All Photographs + Text Copyright 2007 Christopher Keeley
On Wednesday April 2, 1986, Colin Anderson died on the Zimbabwe / South African Border.

Colin was drinking as usual, was definately and perpetually surviving on some heavy pain medication too with a sharp tongue, ended in a drunken bar brawl that resulted in his neck getting broken. Nancy Burns wrote me in a letter that poor Colin died rather tragically on his way down south, popped into a bar at Beitbridge and got terribly drunk, the police were called in to remove him. He then turned up at the Beitbridge Hospital on monday with a severed spinal column, was then taken to Bulawayo Hospital where he died of a heart attack on the wednesday. According to a close friend , Colin was a very depressed man and seemed to be drinking himself to death. I remember one day we had a big party at my house and we all left the party to go to another one, leaving Colin behind and my parents came home shocked seeing Colin staggering by the pool with a bottle of Brandy in his hand. The biggest fear was that he may have fallen in the pool and drowned.
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