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Blackwater Won’t Guard FBI Agents Investigating Them

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Blackwater Won’t Guard FBI Agents Investigating Them
In Iraq, the FBI has been forced to admit that operatives with the private military firm Blackwater USA were initially scheduled to guard the very agents sent to Iraq to investigate Blackwater’s mass shooting last month in Baghdad. The New York Daily News reported on Wednesday that Blackwater would be assigned to protect the investigators upon their arrival in Iraq. The FBI now says the team will be guarded by other security personnel. Blackwater is under scrutiny for killing as many as twenty-eight Iraqis in an unprovoked attack.

White House Opposes Contractor Law
Meanwhile the White House has announced it opposes a House measure that would extend federal jurisdiction to State Department contractors like Blackwater working abroad. The Office of Management and Budget said the bill would leave “intolerable consequences for crucial and necessary national security activities and operations.”