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Ron van Dongen Wall Calendar

Ron van Dongen Wall Calendar

2008 Ron van Dongen Wall Calendar

Long recognized for his botanical still lifes in black and white, Ron van Dongen recently began photographing in color, a move that was documented last year in our fifth monograph of his work, Effusus. The new color work, and resulting book, have met with great critical acclaim. To celebrate, we asked the artist to select of his favorite images which we are now delighted to announce in the form of our 2008 Ron van Dongen Wall Calendar. Ron van Dongen was born in Judibana, Venezuela and raised in Warmond, The Netherlands. He studied health science and biology at the Nederlandse Leraren Opleiding in Delft, and photography at the Academy of Art College in San Francisco. Ron van Dongen’s work has been the subject of eight monographs, and is widely exhibited and collected throughout the United States, Europe and Asia. His work has been featured in such publications as Provacateur, Foto Nederland, Martha Steward Living, and Bloom
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