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IQ  --> 102

A random Anonymous Genius -->
had to send !!
The test is actually one of the most accurate tests I've ever taken
(and I've taken a lot). However, it only measures one particular type
of IQ (pattern recognition), which is heavily weighted towards
engineering. Geeks will do well on this test. It is not a measure of
theoretical IQ. It is a measure of applied IQ.

It also has a different scale. I usually score over 145, and end up
in the same part of the graph.

When I took the Mensa tests, they gave two: One was a fairly bog-
standard test like this one, and the other one was more of an
erudition test. It used lots of highfalutin' terms. It would favor
well-educated people. I was an undereducated redneck at the time I
took it.

I did quite well on the standard test, and not so well on the
erudition test. My vocabulary had not yet developed to the extent it
has now.

Also, they say speed doesn't matter, but that's bullshit. The time it
takes you to accomplish an IQ test is DEFINITELY one of the factors.
It wouldn't be an IQ test if it didn't measure it.
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