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Public Testimony by William R. Polk in Washington DC

This message is primarily for those of you living in the Washington
area, but I believe will interest all of you.
   On Wednesday, September 19 at 9:30 a.m. Dr. William R. Polk will be
testifying at an open to the public hearing before the Democratic Caucus
on Capitol Hill. The venue will be the Cannon Caucus Room in the Cannon
House Office Building, the same place where the Petraeus-Crocker show
occurred on Monday earlier this week. Those interested in hearing Dr.
Polk's latest take on the Iraq war situation will find attendance most
worthwhile, especially as Sept. 18 is the publication date of his latest
study relating to that subject. The publisher is HarperCollins.
This is Bill Polk's third book on Iraq in as many years:
"Understanding Iraq" in 2005 and (with George McGovern) "Out of Iraq: A
Practical Plan for Withdrawal Now" in 2006.  The title of the new book
is "Violent Politics" and the sub-title is "A History of Insurgency,
Terrorism & Guerrilla War, from the American Revolution To Iraq."  I
think this third book will be even more valuable and timely than the
other two, for it constitutes a historical analysis of insurgency
warfare over three centuries, and gives scholarly substance to the
famous admonition that those who don't learn from history are condemned
to repeat it. In eleven chapters Polk covers the American Revolution and
then insurrections or liberation movements in a wide range of geography,
including Spain, the Philippines, Ireland, Yugoslavia, Greece, Kenya,
Algeria, Vietnam and Afghanistan (earlier), with a strong concluding
chapter about Iraq, current Afghanistan and new wars in preparation as
part of the "long war" we are allegedly now engaged in.
  Hope to see you on the Hill next Wednesday.
    Bob Keeley

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