Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

Fumiko Negishi: Caja

 Fumiko Negishi: Caja
la Caja del Nave de los Locos Fumiko Negishi... la Caja del Nave de los Locos (2007, oil on box). From the exhibition Fumiko Negishi: Caja at Gallery Toki no Wasuremono in Tokyo, Japan. "...CAJA means a box in Spanish, and I have been using this title for my works. Every time I made boxes, I felt my mind was getting better. It seemed to be curing my heart. Boxes are for keeping things, sometimes important things. A closed box has unimited possibilities. And when I open it, my mind begins to wonder. Eternity and the contents of the box will be treasured and will be always there even if someone would look at them or not."

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