Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

TSA's gonna love this: The Pursuader, a machinegun-shaped handbag

TSA's gonna love this: The Pursuader, a machinegun-shaped handbag

Designer James Piatt, whose work we've blogged here on BoingBoing before, writes in to share word of something new that is sure to win a girl new friends at airport screening lines. James says:

One of my new handbags is the Pursuader that resembles a machinegun with a cel phone compartment in the clip. The other is the Chesterton. Both bags are consructed with a process I developed by interlocking laser cut leather. There is no stitching.

This link contains a gallery with glamour photography of the new bags. I haven't decided if the photos are anti or pro-totalitarianism. The first shot is of a military parade of girls sporting Pursuaders and the second involves a sexy girl posing in a pile of potatoes. The submarine pictures are also fun.

Links to detail pages for each bag: Pursuader ($289), Chesterton ($220). BB readers have written in the past with tales of being stopped by law enforcement when they carried Mr. Piatt's brass knuckle handbags ($75, also shown in this image set), and I don't doubt that the new designs might be unwise to wear in any number of circumstances. Proceed with caution.
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