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Xeni's I-Phone Mofo

Xeni's I-Phone Mofo

Stuff on Xeni's iphone.

  • LCD Soundsystem: "Someone Great," from "Sound of Silver." 2007. Here's a trippy, presumably unauthorized fan-made 'net video (from China?) with what look like lo-fi autogenerated fractals, and good quality sound: Video Link. (Amazon | iTunes )


  • Editors: "An End Has a Start." 2007. Video Link. (Amazon | iTunes)


  • U.N.K.L.E. (this track -- James Lavelle + DJ Shadow + Richard Ashcroft + Thom Yorke): "Rabbit in Your Headlights," from "Psyence Fiction." 1998. Video Link. (Amazon | iTunes)


  • A bunch of that Balkan beat stuff we blogged last week: Link.


  • Miles Davis: "Solea," from "Sketches of Spain." 1960. No video of Miles himself performing this particular piece exists on YouTube or other easily searchable repositories, but here's a Video Link to the Chicago Jazz Ensemble performing it, with Orbert Davis on trumpet. (Amazon | iTunes)



  • Brian Eno: "An Ending (Ascent)," from "Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks." 1983. Here's a fan-made Video Link. (Amazon | iTunes)


  • Belong: "All Equal Now," from "October Language." 2006. (Amazon | iTunes )


  • Ulrich Schnauss: "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow," from "Goodbye." 2007. (Amazon | iTunes)


  • Siouxsie and the Banshees: "Christine," appeared on various releases including the linked-to "Best of." 1980. Video Link. (Amazon, iTunes)


  • Nino Rota: "La Dolce Vita," from the Fellini movie soundtrack. 1960. (Amazon | iTunes)


  • Alice Coltrane: "Blue Nile," from "Ptah the el Daoud." 1970. (Amazon | iTunes)

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    Images: Larger size. From this post on Bibliodyssey blog, a detail from a manuscript produced in 1650 by Athanasius Kircher: "Musurgia Universalis."

    posted by Xeni Jardin

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