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Femi Kuti: Don't pity Africa, visit it and trade with us

Femi Kuti: Don't pity Africa, visit it and trade with us

Snip from an LA Weekly interview with Nigerian music star Femi Kuti, whose father was afrobeat icon and "Black President" Fela Kuti:

Q: What’s your take on Bono and concerts like Live 8 that campaign on behalf of Africa?

A: Bono doesn’t need to tell us that we are poor. We know we are poor. All these concerts come and go and nothing changes in Africa.

Q: So then what’s the best way for concerned Americans to get involved with helping Africa?

A: Not to feel sorry for us but to be positive toward us. Do more business with us. Come and visit us. We, in turn, have to get stronger and not rely on leaders to do everything for us. We must take action ourselves. But Western democracies must also stop turning a blind eye to African corruption and start taking action — then we can start moving forward as a nation.

Link, via Daniel Hernandez' blog, which includes some thoughtful related links. (image of Femi Kuti ganked from Daniel's blog). (Thanks Cyrus!)

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