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Free the iPhone

Free the iPhone

BB reader Ben Byrne says,
Free Press, the organization behind the pro-Net Neutrality site, has a new project: Free the iPhone.

That's "free" as in speech, not beer. The aim of the campaign, directed at Congress and the FCC, is to make sure that any company looking for a new slice of the public airwaves adheres to "open access," which would put the kibosh on exclusive deals of the Apple-AT&T sort. It may sound petty, but the future of the Internet is in wireless, so allowing such device freedom could become critical.

Here's a snip from the website:
Dear Apple,

for years you have been delighting us with great products, fun to use, tremendous to work with and bringing the joy and beauty back into the Computer world.

Once again you did it with the iPhone.

It is gorgeous, sexy and opens up the mind of millions of consumers... and developers! But... it is enslaved in some awkward cage of technological unfriendliness, begging to be freed.

So please, free the iPhone, open it to the world of opportunities knocking at your door and let the developers unleash its power!

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