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iPhone schtuff roundup

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iPhone schtuff roundup

  • Tart up your iPhone with these 320 x 480 crops of great works by legendary erotic photographer Steve Diet Goedde (produced on request by BB readers' popular demand -- evidently, a lot of Goedde fans read this blog). No full nudity here, just lovely, classic alt-cheesecake. Link.


  • The Los Angeles Times has an interesting feature about this weekend's first-ever iPhone Dev Camp, where people gathered "to develop web-based applications and optimize web sites for iPhone." Link to story.


  • BB reader Geoff says, "Here's a 'sad iPhone' wallaper in the style of the old school 'sad mac' error message! Link."


  • BB reader Franko says, "Speaking of iPhone wallpapers, Stephen Worth, the Director of the Hollywood Animation Archive, has posted some gorgeous wallpapers based on the art of N.C. Wyeth, Maxfield Parrish, and many others. These are really well worth looking at, in my opinion." Link.


  • BB reader Paul Caron says, "Apple has announced that by the end of the month it will give its 18,000 full-time U.S. employees a free 8-gigabyte iPhone (retail price: $599). The tax angle? Apple will have to include the $599 on the employees' W-2s as taxable compensation, and the company will have to pay employment taxes on the amount as well." Link.


  • BB reader tonx says, "I just installed Google's Telekinesis, it's a remote desktop for iPhone. I can browse my desktop's file system and view images and documents. Playing media files seems to be in their plans... but this is a pretty awesome taste o whats to come! Here are screenshots."


  • Anonymous says, "Instead of spending hours in line for an iPhone, this guy decided to spend hours fitting his Motorla SLVR into an old NES controller. It seems he was able to fit everything in there and close it back up." Link.

    posted by Xeni Jardin