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iPhone + EFF + ATT + NSA = funny photo

iPhone + EFF + ATT + NSA = funny photo

In this photo shot by EFF Staff Attorney Jason Schultz, EFF legal intern Ruben models the "AT&T Deathstar banner" on a handsome new Apple iPhone "to remind people that AT&T is still evil... Turns out it's a perfect fit for the screen!" (Thanks, Cory!)

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iPhone: a second ATT-less activation confirmed in the wild

Developer "gj" and others behind the iPhone Development Project ( claim to have released a "proof of concept activation program for the iPhone" that makes it possible to activate the device without an AT&T account, or re-activate after an AT&T account has been terminated.

Project participants explain that their work is intended to discover "additional uses for the iPhone by (legitimately) enabling its potential capabilities," and that the project is "for informational purposes only." Snip from the "goals and milestones" page:

The current goals of the iPhone Development Project are as follows:

* Break DMG Password *COMPLETE*

* Break Activation *COMPLETE*

* Unlock Phone

* Run Third Party Applications

* Allow DUN/Tethering

* Remove IMEI Transmitting

* Enable Disk Mode

(...)Also, as we enable certain features of iPhone, other features previously thought impossible may become reality.

And from the "Activation process" details page:

* Phone activation - Using a "known" token (one used to activate an iPhone legitimately), we can activate an iPhone even after deactivation. We can use this "known" token to activate multiple phones, but the token is believed to contain identifying information so we have not provided a token. I want to emphasize that a known token will work on any phone, and once you have a known token you can use wifi, iPod, etc.
The group claims to be having a "popularity problem" -- their servers can't take all the attention they're getting right now -- and they've asked folks to point to this IRC channel ('#iphone on, instead of linking from high-traffic sites directly to the wiki page ((

In related news, yesterday "DVD Jon" Lech Johansen announced the results of a code project with similar goals:

Link to previous BoingBoing post. (Thanks, Jake!)

Reader comment: Eli says,

Might be nice to point out that thanks to a fairly recent Copyright Office ruling, it's perfectly legal to unlock your iPhone (or any other phone) to run on competitor's networks: Link. Heck, if I were in charge of Alltel or T-Mobile, I'd put a team of engineers on it and then offer free iPhone unlocking if you come in the store...

Previous iPhone-themed posts on BB: Link.

posted by Xeni Jardin

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