Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

Bionic fingers

Bionic fingers

This prosthetic finger is completely mechanical, no batteries or electronics whatsoever. Inventor Dan Didrick previously made horror masks before inventing the X-Finger. According to a Wired News article, one in 150 people have lost a digit. From Wired News:
 Images Article Full 2007 07 Xfinger Full...Each digit incorporates a simple mechanism which, when pushed by the surviving part of the wearer's finger, curls a set of artificial phalanges...

The X-Finger, which currently costs thousands of dollars per digit, might seem expensive to prospective buyers...

"We only receive a fraction of the overall costs ourselves," Didrick said. "Also, many people would be surprised to learn that a cosmetic silicone artificial finger, offering only passive function, with no mechanical structure, can cost $5,500 from an anaplastologist."

The finger, however, is only the beginning. Didrick is already working on an entire hand articulated in similar fashion using the wrist, and has been approached to craft toes using the same principle.
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