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Leahy Vows to Seek Contempt Citation, Court Ruling over Subpoena Refusals

Leahy Vows to Seek Contempt Citation, Court Ruling over Subpoena Refusals
Senate Judiciary Committee chair Patrick Leahy has announced he’s prepared to go to court and seek a Congressional contempt vote if the Bush administration resists subpoenas for information on the firing of nine U.S. attorneys. The White House announced last week President Bush will invoke executive privilege to deny access to documents from former presidential counsel Harriet Miers and former political director Sara Taylor. Leahy responded in an interview on the Sunday talk show Meet the Press.

    Sen. Patrick Leahy: “If they don’t cooperate yes I’d go that far. I mean, this is very important to the American people.”

    Lieberman: UK Incident Should Drop Spy Opposition
    Meanwhile here in the United States, Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut said the bombing plots should encourage lawmakers to drop opposition to the Bush administration’s domestic spying on U.S. citizens.

    Speaking on ABC’s This Week, Lieberman said: “I hope these terrorist attacks in London wake us up here in America to stop the petty partisan fighting going on about…electronic surveillance.”

    Castro: CIA Admissions Mask Ongoing Activities
    In Cuba, President Fidel Castro has weighed in on for the first time on the CIA’s publication of its so-called “family jewels” last week. A trove of unearthed documents showed the CIA planned spy operations and attempts on Castro’s life, including a plot hatched with two wanted mobsters. In an editorial called “Killing Machine”, Castro writes : “Everything described in the documents is still being done, only in a more brutal manner around the entire planet, including an increasing number of illegal actions in the very United States.” Cuba’s National Assembly also reacted to the disclosures with a statement at its opening bi-annual session.

    Israel Transfers Fraction of Owed Palestinian Funds
    In Israel and the Occupied Territories, Israel has begun transferring some of the hundreds of millions of dollars in Palestinian tax money its frozen for more than a year. The initial sum of one hundred twenty million dollars is just a fraction of the total amount Palestinians are owed. The money will go to the government of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank, with none to Hamas-controlled Gaza. Hamas says Israel is trying to intensify the Palestinian divide by increasing Gaza’s isolation. Meanwhile aid convoys into Gaza continue to move at a trickle pace.

    1,000 Protest Bush-Putin Meeting in Maine
    And finally, Russian President Vladimir Putin is in the United States for informal meetings with President Bush. The two are meeting at the Bush family compound in Kennebunkport, Maine. As Putin arrived, more than one thousand people demonstrated in a nearby town against the war in Iraq and ongoing Russian policy in Chechnya.

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