Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

The band's new album, ''Zeitgeist,'' is set for release next month.

Smashing Pumpkins to Perform in N.C.

Filed at 3:14 p.m. ET

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (AP) -- When the Smashing Pumpkins reunited after seven years to plan a U.S. concert series, they made a surprising choice for their first shows: a small club in the mountains of North Carolina.

The Orange Peel, which has a capacity of 942 people, will host the alternative rock band when they open Saturday for a nine-show run in Asheville.

''It's a legendary band in a small setting,'' said Cory Gates, 33, of Asheville, a longtime fan who saw the Smashing Pumpkins play in New England in the mid-1990s. ''I don't know if you can get much better.''

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