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Gary Lee Boas

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Gary Lee Boas

Gary Lee Boas at Galerie Edward Mitterrand. "...Once you've started following celebrities , it's difficult to stop, there's always a new batch to chase with all new residual glitter, and your appetite becomes histerical with each generation. It's an addiction to to be around celebrities, they perform for the camera and come alive at the moment a fan says 'I love you.' These people adore being stars as much as we love watching them do so. Adding to their allure, celebrities provide imaginary friends for their fans. 'Don't tell anyone, but a new hairstyle (even if it's just a wig) for Cher can brighten my whole day.'"



Mick Jagger at the Pierre Hotel, New York City, Saturday, August 23rd, 1975
50,6 x 40,6 cm