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GOP Lobbyist Named New White House Counselor

GOP Lobbyist Named New White House Counselor
A veteran Republican operative and lobbyist has joined the White House as President Bush’s new chief counselor. Edward Gillepsie will replace Dan Bartlett who steps down this month. Gillespie is one of Washington’s top corporate lobbyists. His firm Quinn Gillespie pulled in nearly seventeen million dollars last year. Don Simon, a former general counsel with the watchdog group Common Cause said: “Someone who is at the top of the corporate lobbying world is going into the top of the White House staff, and it shows the sometimes incestuous relationship between lobbyists and government.”

Iraq War Veteran Discharged for Protesting in Uniform
An American Iraq war veteran has been given a general discharge with honorable conditions after he was reprimanded for wearing his uniform during an anti-war protest. Adam Kokesh is a member of Iraq Veterans Against the War. The military began investigating him after the Washington Post published a photograph of him at an anti-war protest in March to mark the fourth anniversary of the war.

DePaul Students, Faculty Respond to Controversial Tenure Denials
In Chicago, students and faculty at DePaul University are taking action over an academic freedom controversy that is drawing increasing national attention. Last week the university announced it would deny tenure to Norman Finkelstein, one of the most prominent critics of the Israeli government in American academia. The political science department and the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences recommended tenure for Finkelstein, but the college’s dean and the University Board on Promotion and Tenure recommended against it. In another controversial move, DePaul also said it was denying tenure to professor Mehrene Larudee, who was set to become chair of her department. Larudee had the unanimous support of her department, the college personnel committee and the Dean. Critics say she was targeted because she supported Finkelstein’s case. More than fifty people turned out for a demonstration in support of the two professors on Wednesday. Student supporters have held a twenty-four hour sit in at the DePaul president’s office.

    DePaul student Evan Lorendo: “We’ve all had these professors and they’re great people, they’re great members of society. They try so hard for social justice. The way DePaul has totally overlooked them for tenure is absolutely terrible. There’s been outside influence, especially in Professor Finkelstein’s case. Alan Dershowitz from Harvard has been actively lobbying against him. We’re fighting for their tenure and their right to teach and academic freedom.”
Meanwhile the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting DePaul’s faculty association is considering taking votes of no confidence in the school president and other administrators in light of the tenure denials.
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