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Neil Young acoustic and close up is wonderful.

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Cool story.
Neil Young acoustic and close up is wonderful.
I was lucky enough to see him close up when he taped the MTV UNPLUGGED with NEIL YOUNG . They set up a beautiful stage at Universal Studios
It was an amazing evening I sat about 9 or 10 feet (2nd row right in prime territory from him as he played. We really lucked out because we had a different "grade" of ticket allowing us to sit with the special guest and executive group. Unfortunately those seats were far from the stage. At the last possible moment we traded for audience seats. Lucky for us they were filling in the seating from the outside in so the people at the end of the line were closest to the stage, we got placed in the second row right in the middle.
On the CD of that show (an amazing disk NEIL YOUNG UNPLUGGED (GREAT CD)) you can hear me yelling  "YEA NEIL"  in between songs.
It was a great show. After the show My buddy and I sunk back stage and met Neil and Nicolette Larson (very famous singer (now dead))  Astrid Young (his daughter) Ringo, as well as a number of other very interesting people. During the show there was a record downpour (you could hear the roar of the rain during the song breaks) causing major flooding making the track home after the show difficult.
All in all one of the best shows I have been to.