Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

Hippie Jim

In 1971 I saw Neil Young in acoustic set at the Cellar
Door--blew me away. The afternoon of his show, my
girlfriend and I turned the corner onto M St at 34th and
practically fell over him as he struggled out of a cab
[yes, a cab!--no limo; no hangers-on--except us]] with his
guitars for a sound check.  We helped him into the Cellar
Door with his stuff. We asked to stay and, to our enormous
surprise an pleasure, he said ok. We watched him roll
through almost every song on After the Gold Rush, in the
virtually empty space, until he was satisfied, while we sat
mesmerized in a corner. It was way cool. He was incredibly
friendly and upbeat. We got two tickets to the show that
nite, he gave us an autograph, we said our goodbyes. the
evening show was unforgettable.


Jim Hickey
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