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Virgo and Cancer

Virgo and Cancer

Virgo, the Virgin and Cancer, the Crab fit together like a hand and glove... both love home and hearth, and both are concerned with the nurturing and wellbeing of others. When you turn your caring sides towards each other, you can reach your goals and turn your dreams into reality. The two of you make an excellent team, whether you are romantically involved, family members, friends, or business partners.

Cancer is a leadership-oriented Cardinal Sign, while you were born under a more flexible, Mutable Sign. Cancer will naturally want to feel in charge, but has regular and sometimes debilitating mood swings. With your talent for communication and practical way of taking care of things, you can help the Crab to stay more balanced and productive. Cancer can truly blossom with your steadfast support, but you must guard against your favourite defence: criticism. Cancer has a wonderful, lunar sense of humour but won't take your barbs lightly. Learn to bite your tongue more often if you want to avoid having your normally delicious Cancerian lover hold a grudge against you. That's another thing the two of you have in common... you both are capable of retaining hurts (both real and imagined) for a very long time.

Because Cancer is a Water Sign and you are an Earth Sign, the chances are good that you will be fruitful and multiply. Whether you are creating children of the heart, body, or mind, the two of you make an excellent parenting team. In business relationships, your combined abilities are almost sure to guarantee at least a modest measure of success. Cancer has a knack for making a fortune grow, while you have the patience for tending to the necessary details. In creative endeavours, Cancer can help inspire Virgo. With your combined resourcefulness and imagination, this team shines on projects that require improvisation.

Cancer is protective, even possessive and can be a jealous lover, though more from insecurity than just the desire to dominate. For a loving, protective partner, who has wonderful bouts of creativity interspersed with dreamy romanticism, yet peppered with practicality, you need look no further than Cancer

This combination is one of the most natural and easy in the Zodiac. As kindred spirits, you will want to make the effort to get to know each other better. Even with stressful aspects between Moon and Ascendant, the two of you are likely to get along. This is a perfect match.
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