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Best of gmtPlus9(-15)

Best of gmtPlus9(-15)

Best of gmtPlus9(-15) gmtPlus9(-15) turned 8 the other day.

To mark the occasion I've put together a collection of the best tunes I pointed to in the past year or so - loads of surf, rockabilly, 60's asian pop, and such.

Highlights include The Boss Martians' sharp cover of The Trashmen's 'A-Bone,' GO!GO!7188's fuzzed-up take on the Cutie Honey Theme, and The Rock'n Roll Trio's 'Tear It Up' - our vote for the greatest rockabilly track ever laid down.

Get the Best of gmtPlus9(-15).


1. The Boss Martians -- A-Bone
2. The Surfsiders -- 409
3. Arch Hall Jr. & The Archers -- Konga Joe
4. Bruce Haack -- Electric To Me Turn
5. GO!GO!7188 -- Cutie Honey Theme
6. The Penetrators -- Another Time, Another Place
7. Ronnie Speeks & His Elrods -- What Is Your Technique
8. Los Shains -- El Monstruo
9. Wanda Jackson -- If I Were You
10. Saturn V -- I Wanna Be A Beatle
11. The Spiders -- Mr. Monkey
12. The Feelies -- Now I Wanna Sleep In Your Arms
13. Los Rockin' Devils -- Bule Bule
14. The Nebulas -- It's GO! Time...
15. Nancy Sit -- Shakin' All Over
16. Vivien Goldman -- Launderette
17. The Twang! Marvels -- Phantom of the Highway
18. Ritchie Valens -- Hi-Tone
19. Little Marcy -- Stop And Let Me Tell You
20. Yoko Utsumi -- Neji
21. Liquid Liquid -- Cavern
22. Speedbuggy USA -- Somewhere in America
23. The Manatees -- Mendoza
24. Richard Hell & the Voidoids -- Love Comes in Spurts
25. The Rock'n Roll Trio -- Tear It Up
26. Lara & The Trailers -- Run For Your Life
27. The Cowboy Junkies -- Sweet Jane
28. The Bananas...Jamie Blond
29. Rita Chao & The Quests -- Love Is Me, Love Is You
30. Shonen Knife -- Banana Fish
31. The Supersonicos -- Freq Perkins
32. The Groovie Ghoulies -- The Beast With Five Hands
33. The Kendalls -- Thank God For The Radio
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