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Patrick Lang responds to Bremer's piece in today's WaPo

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SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS, PATRICK LANG  (www.turcopolier.typepad.com

*Tenet, Bremer, Franks.  This is a trio of sycophants and self-serving
careerists, largely devoid of creative thought and any real intellect
who were given the job of managing history when all they really wanted
was to manage their careers and incomes.  They truly deserve to be known
as the "Axis of Ineptitude." *

*Bremer has been allowed by the neocon leadership of the Washington Post
to place a whining, mendacious piece in this Sunday's paper.*

*It is filled with evidence of his stupidity, ignorance and willingness
to deceive in self defense.*

*As an example, his characterization of the old Iraqi Army is nonsense.
That army was a NATIONAL army that stood at the very center of whatever
NATIONAL institutions Iraq possessed.  That army fought very creditably
against the Iranians.  Their performance has been much distorted in
American popular imagination by the political warfare of the Iranians
and their regional allies.  In the Iran-Iraq War the Iraqi national
army's mixed units fought well against the sectarian brethren of the
Iraqi Shia.  There were many senior Shia officers in that army.  The
commanding general of the Republican Guards Armored Corps in the
invasion of Kuwait was a Shia lieutenant general.  He is currently
employed in the Ministry of Defense in Baghdad.  The Iraqis did not
fight in the First Gulf War?  Ask the US Marines of 2nd Marine Division
who had to use MLRS in the "direct fire" mode to stop a counter-attack
on their division CP just south of the Kuwait Airport.  Did you ever
talk to them, Jerry? *

*US Forces found when they reached Baghdad in '03 that the personnel
records of the Iraqi military, including the Republican Guard, revealed
that not more than 8% of the officer corps of the Iraqi military had
been members of the Baath Party.  See "Cobra II" for that "nugget." *

*The army, including the Guard, did not fight us hard in '03?  That's
right.  They did not.  The poor fools believed Bremer's government's
propaganda which held out to them the prospect that they would
participate in building a new Iraq.  It was the Baathist militias who
fought us.  They fought rather hard.  *

*The understanding of the US military before the war was that the Iraqi
military would be employed in stabilizing the country.  American
generals were discussing the basis of that cooperation with their Iraqi
counter-parts when Bremer (Feith's lapdog) announced that they were out
of business.  The Iraqi military felt betrayed then, and still do.  It
had all been a lie.  Nothing has changed.  pl *


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