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Bush Admin Withholds Emails on Rove Role in Arkansas Hiring

Bush Admin Withholds Emails on Rove Role in Arkansas Hiring
More developments in the U.S. attorney scandal -- Investigative journalist Murray Waas is reporting the Bush administration has withheld e-mails showing senior White House and Justice Department officials collaborated to conceal the role of White House strategist Karl Rove in installing his former deputy Timothy Griffin as U.S. Attorney in Arkansas. The emails show Attorney General Alberto Gonzales’ former chief of staff, D. Kyle Sampson, worked with White House officials on two letters that misled Congress on the appointment and Rove’s role.

CBS Fires Iraq General for Anti-War Ad
In media news, CBS has dismissed an Iraq war veteran over his involvement in an ad campaign criticizing the war. General John Batiste appears in an ad from the group VoteVets dot org. Batiste has been working as a CBS News consultant.

Limbaugh Criticized for Racially-Charged Obama Song
The right-wing talk show host Rush Limbaugh is coming under criticism for airing a song about Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama called “Barack the Magic Negro.” The song has played on Limbaugh’s program in recent weeks. Obama was given Secret Service protection last week in part due to threatening messages posted on white supremacist Web sites.

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