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Toshio Matsumoto - Experimental Film Works

Toshio Matsumoto - Experimental Film Works

Toshio Matsumoto... For The Damaged Right Eye (1968, Flash Video 12:09) and Andy Warhol - Re-production (1974, Flash Video 23:02). Also... Toshio Matsumoto: Experimental Film Works, 1961-1987 at UBUWEB. "...Graduated from Tokyo University in 1955. A pioneer of avant-garde documentary, experimental film, multimedia, and video art in Japan. Both at home and abroad, has presented experimental short films ranging from Song of the Stones (1963) to Traces of Memory (1987), video art from Regeneration (1971) to Disguise (1992), and experimental feature films from Funeral of Roses (1969) to Dogra Magra (1988), winning numerous awards. Published numerous books from Eizo no hakken (1963) to Eizo no tankyu ('Pursuit of the Image,' 1992). Currently a professor and dean of the Faculty of Arts at the Kyoto University of Art and Design. President of the Japan Society of Image Arts and Sciences."
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