Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

Spector pointing a gun at her new car, a green Mercedes.

Spector accused her of stealing things, she said, and told her to take her clothes off and go upstairs.

She laid out 10 points she said proved that Clarkson shot herself, based on the position of the gun, the small amount of blood and gunshot residue on Spector, and evidence that Clarkson loaded the gun.

Kenney Baden said the gun was fired inside Clarkson's mouth, causing tooth fragments, blood and tissue to spray outward. Several times, she swung her hands from her mouth outward toward the jury to show the path.

She said the blood spots sprayed on Clarkson's clothes were more numerous and much closer together than the few that landed on Spector's jacket, proving that he was not next to her.

Kenney Baden grabbed fellow defense attorney Christopher Plourd's shirt cuff and held his wrist in the air. "There was no spatter on his pants. There was none on his shoes. If he was standing close enough to put the gun all the way in her mouth and pull the trigger … it would be all over him, like it was all over her. And it wasn't."

Melvin arrived in court in a black suit matching her dark hair, holding a book titled "Life Is a Test," which she handed to a friend before taking the stand. Under questioning by prosecutors, Melvin said she had worked as Joan Rivers' manager for 23 years. 

Melvin testified that Spector drank much of a bottle of vodka. Then, she said, he disappeared for about an hour, which he often did, and she fell asleep on his couch.

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