Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

What becomes of our souls when we make war a business?

What becomes of our souls when we make war a business?

Lurking Beneath the Surface of Blackwater North

By Dan Kenney

The stillness of tree lined Skunk Hallow Road in Jo Daviess
County Illinois, twenty miles from the beautiful Palisades along the
Mississippi River, will soon be shattered by gunfire. Not the gun
fire of wild turkey hunters but the gunfire from a new training
facility for the most powerful mercenary army in the world,
Blackwater USA.
I had a view of Blackwater's new Illinois facility that is
usually reserved for the hawks circling overhead. I stood on-top
their climbing/rappelling/shooting tower looking down at the
bulldozers busy moving tons of earth to create more shooting ranges.
On eighty acres in this isolated corner of Illinois, one
hundred miles from Chicago, Blackwater is creating another large
training site. This site will eventually, according to Blackwater
North's vice deputy Eric Davis, compare to their headquarters in
North Carolina. They have a full schedule of classes ready to roll
beginning April 9th with a pistol shooting course that is already
three over capacity. The first three weeks of courses are filled and
the others are filling fast.
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