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Lori Earley in Juxtapoz

Lori Earley in Juxtapoz

Juxtapoz magazine profiles incredible pop surrealist painter Lori Earley whose new solo show, Anima Sola, opens Saturday, April 28, at New York City's Opera Gallery. Seen here, "Regret." From Juxtapoz:
 Img Features 07 Loriearley Loriearley4-1 As for her trademark “elongated” style, Earley expresses a kind of bemused frustration with people who are convinced she uses a computer to generate her images. “I can see why people would think they’re digital, but it’s a little upsetting, because when I first started doing all this, barely anyone had a computer. I don’t even think Photoshop existed for regular users. Then when it came out, I thought, shit, now everyone’s going to think I do all my stuff in Photoshop.”

Earley is classically trained and credits much of her technique to the painter Steven Assael, who she studied under at the School of Visual Arts. The elongation is something she developed entirely on her own and she prides herself on her meticulous perfectionism. She says she’s gone through different color phases depending on her mood and is influenced by everything from music, to movies and books, but has a special affinity for fashion.

“I love looking at fashion. Fashion in and of itself is an art form. It’s so much more interesting to look at a dress that has all these layers and detailing, and when it comes to painting, I love painting that. I like weird fashion that looks kind of timeless and bizarre, like Alexander McQueen, Versace, Gaultier, and all those guys.”
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