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Trial Opens on Leaked Memo About Bush Bombing Al Jazeera

Trial Opens on Leaked Memo About Bush Bombing Al Jazeera
In London, a British government official and a former political researcher are on trial this week for leaking a classified memo that revealed President Bush wanted to bomb the headquarters of Al Jazeera in Doha. Bush reportedly made the comment to British Prime Minister Tony Blair in a meeting in April 2004. A memo discussing Bush's comments was then leaked to the British newspaper the Daily Mirror. On the day before Bush met with Blair, then Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld characterized Al Jazeera's reporting on the Iraq war as "vicious, inaccurate and inexcusable." Rumsfeld said "It's disgraceful what that station is doing." The U.S. never attacked Al Jazeera's Doha headquarters but it has targeted Al Jazeera on other occasions. Investigative journalist Ron Suskind has revealed the U.S. deliberately bombed Al Jazeera's offices in Kabul Afghanistan in 2001 in order to send a message to the network. In April 2003, Al Jazeera correspondent Tareq Ayyoub was killed by a U.S. missile while reporting from Al Jazeera's offices in Baghdad. 

John McCain Jokes About Bombing Iran
Republican presidential candidate John McCain has been caught on videotape joking about bombing Iran.

McCain made the joke in response to a question from a voter in South Carolina. When asked about whether the U.S. should attack Iran, McCain began singing Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran to the tune of the old Beach Boys song "Barbara Ann." McCain has defended his joke. When reporters asked him last night if the joke was insensitive, McCain said: "Insensitive to what? The Iranians?" He went on to say "My response is, lighten up and get a life. 

House Oks Voting Rights For District of Colombia
And on Capitol Hill, the House has voted to give the District of Colombia a seat in the House of Representatives. It marks the city's biggest legislative victory in its quest for voting rights in nearly three decades. However the bill faces stiffer opposition in the Senate and a threatened veto by President Bush. 

Harry Reid: The Iraq War is Lost
In Washington, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has admitted for the first time that the war in Iraq has been lost. Reid said, "This war is lost and the surge is not accomplishing anything as indicated by the extreme violence in Iraq yesterday." On Wednesday over 300 Iraqis died making it one of the bloodiest days on the war. The U.S. Commander in Iraq General David Petraeus admitted the events on Wednesday marked a setback for the U.S.

  • Gen. Petraeus: "Yesterday was a bad day There are no two ways about it. And a day like that can have a real psychological impact."

U.S. Builds Wall in Baghdad Dividing Sunni and Shiites Neighborhoods
Meanwhile the U.S. military has begun building a three-mile concrete wall in Baghdad to cut off a Sunni district from the Shiite neighborhoods that surround it. This marks the first time the U.S. military has built a wall in Baghdad to separate Sunnis and Shiites. Critics say it could lead to the Balkanization of Baghdad.

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