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Clarence John Laughlin

Clarence John Laughlin

Artist: Clarence John Laughlin, Title: The Eye That Never Sleeps - click to close window 

Clarence John Laughlin at Stephen Daiter Gallery. "...Clarence John Laughlin was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana but moved to New Orleans at an early age. Self taught in photography as well as wide range of other subjets he began his career as a freelancer, producing mostly architectual photos, and eventually moved on to work for such varied agencies as Vogue Magazine and the US Army Corps of Engineers. His work was influenced Eugene Atget and other historical purists who tried to capture a decaying urban landscape – for Laughlin his home city of New Orleans was the staging ground for many of his pictures and he spent most of his life photographing the area. Arguably the first surrealist photographer in the United States he often constructed elaborate stages and employed models, costumes, and props to create haunting abstractions." Also... Works by Clarence John Laughlin at Robert Miller Gallery.
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