Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

1000 Journals Project spawns a book

1000 Journals Project spawns a book

Lucas sez,
I wanted to alert you to a new book that just came out from a friend (goes by the art name Someguy) called the 1000 Journals Project.

Six years ago, Someguy sent one thousand blank journals out into the world. Those who found them added stories and drawings before passing them along in an ongoing, collaborative art form.

The journals have come to rest in hostels, cafes, and law offices; they've been lost and found, forgotten and remembered. They've been the subject of treasure hunts (#354), brought to remote mountaintops (#323), abandoned at airports (#001), left in the lost-and-found (#300), and stolen at gunpoint (#949). In journal #587, someone wrote a heartfelt apology and then sent the journal to they friend they had wronged. Unfortunately, the apology wasn't accepted.

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