Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

Alcohol contributed to the demise of many West Enders

On 3/9/07, John Harshaw wrote: Alcohol contributed to the demise of many West Enders. No matter what
drink they were addicted to, whether it was whiskey or wine, heavy
drinkers were called winos. When money was low, shoe polish was strained
through white bread or Irish potatoes ( We called them ice potatoes)
leaving the coloring behind and the small, but valuable drops of alcohol
in the cup or bowl. Whiskey was expensive, therefore the drink of choice
was wine. Not aged European wines , but wines created for the poor
connoisseurs.Wild Irish Rose, MD 20-20, or Mogan David 20-20, and Gallo
rounded out the West End choices. At high school basketball games, fans
substituted H-E-LL-O with G-A-LL-O when cheerleaders took the floor. By
far the cheap wine of choice during the fifties and sixties was Thunderbird.
Does anyone remember the song?

John Harshaw
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