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First Review of Paradise Life

First Review of Paradise Life

Today, I read your ''Paradise Life'' within two hours. It was a fast read because like you I am OC but have never been clinically diagnosed. Without the privileged life, your story is my
Story. I identified with hedonism, lust, self-destructiveness, grief, rage, loss, insanity, and identity Issues, control and power, self-awareness, clarity, joy, responsibility and selfishness/selflessness, love, freedom, autonomy and anti-authoritarianism, bondage, self-abuse, angst Guilt shame, TRUTH and HOPE. All of the paradoxical interplay. However, I did not have any of the ''props'' like you had early on. Are your parents catholic?

You have achieved a level of integrity which is reflected well in ''Paradise Life. A gestalt. Your paradigm is existential. You are authentic and straightforward. I did not expect ''Paradise Life'' to be instructive, yet it is. Reading ''Paradise Life'' was cathartic. Not bad for a someone from a social-class like yours. Within the context of your class orientation, you have achieved some insightfulness, which is commendable!

In closing, I did not like your format but I understand why the structure/style is effective. It allows the reader to engage in a ''soliloquy'' and the cover design is RIGHT ON, BRO. Is the
Cockatoo, yours? .


  • Hardback ISBN 13: 978-1-4257-5080-0
    Picture Book - Hardcover $58.99

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