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Eva Lux

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September 22, 2005

the burlesque performer passed away this weeka at 32, and in fact very few people actually knew her like Warren Ellis, who wrote some words about his friend that - at least for me - made anyone feel the loss. strange, that.

bad signal

It’s been about a week since I last
spoke to Leticia. She’d just started
a new temp secretarial job, and was
working her little arse off. I think
the last note I got was that she
loved JONES #3, a script I’d talked
to her about way back when. Her
name was Leticia Blake, but she
worked in the adult film industry as
Eva Lux. Mostly fetish stuff —
BDSM, fringe things like electro-play,
a little gonzo. She’d giggle about
the titles: Black Dicks In White Chicks.
She’d hit a bad patch a while back,
but was putting her life back
together. She was about six weeks
away from moving in with a friend,
a stable one, was modelling again,
and was working up to recommencing
her writing.

I woke up this morning to a note from
a mutual friend that Leticia died
yesterday afternoon. I don’t really
feel like telling you how.

I’m bothered by the idea that, by
the end of the day, Leticia could
be written off as another adult film
statistic. She subtitled her blog
“Diary of a Pleasure Activist.” She
was smart, and she didn’t fool
herself about a goddamn thing. She
knew she was the epitome of the
Oscar Wilde line: “I can resist
everything except temptation.”
She had the writer’s need to write,
but life kept getting in the way.

Our mutual friend is a shaman and
ceremonialist. On Thursday night,
she’s lighting candles for Leticia.
Me, I’m having a glass of white wine.
She’d always have a glass of white,
some Californian muck chilled to
within an inch of its life, during our
marathon conversations.

I’m going to miss you, sweetheart.

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Eva Lux
Heroin Overdose 9/20/2005 aka Leticia Blake. She was taken off life-support after a heroin overdose landed her in the hospita.

Eva Lux

Date of Birth
3 May 1973, USA

Date of Death
18 September 2005, Los Angeles, California, USA. (heroin overdose)

Birth Name
Leticia Lynn Blake

5' 5" (1.65 m)

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