Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

Preparing the meal (2007)

Preparing the meal (2007)


By Nicola Verlato, currently on show at the Fabio Paris Art Gallery in brescia, Italy. The exhibition blurb reads:

"More is more: so, in the primordial soup the tornado – which is at once compositional stratagem, narrative element and metaphor for an art form (contemporary art), in which, like the artist says, “high and low, culture and trivia, present and distant past are thrown together by a torrent of energy which overwhelms everything in its path” – gives birth, you can encounter all the elements of the spiritual history of America. Burlesque – represented by a tribute to its queen, the artist Julie Atlas Muz (incarnation of “the darkest form of femininity, potent and destructive, but also a harbinger of new orders”), who is currently exhibiting with Jeffrey Deitch – stands alongside landscapes of the American midwest, which are in turn mediated as much
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