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Linux developer Hans Reiser charged with murder

Linux developer Hans Reiser charged with murder

An Oakland, CA judge today ruled that Linux programmer Hans Reiser will stand trial on charges that he murdered his estranged wife, 31-year-old Nina Reiser, who's been missing for six months. Hans Reiser, 43, is the founder of Namesys, and invented the ReiserFS Linux file system.
Nina and Hans Reiser had been separated for nearly two years when she disappeared on Sept. 3rd. She was last seen at the home Reiser shared with his mother in the Montclair area of Oakland. Her van turned up five days later, abandoned on a quiet residential street two miles from Reiser's home.

Though no body has been found, Reiser was arrested Oct. 10 after the Oakland Police Department found small drops of blood in his house and on his Honda CRX. DNA testing tied the blood to Nina Reiser.

(...)The judge also noted that Reiser bought a book titled Masterpieces of Murder soon after the disappearance. She found there was sufficient evidence to make him stand trial for murder.

"It's sort of a downer," [Reiser's lawyer William DuBois] concluded as his client was shackled and led from the courtroom.

Link to Wired News story by Joshua Davis. See also this earlier story on Hans Reiser's plans to sell his company.


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