Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

Lifesize Alien Warrior Prop 1:1 scale

Life-size  Alien Figure Statue Lifesize Alien Figure  Lifesized Alien Replica, Horror, Sci-Fi Memorabilia, Movie Alien Prop Figures Monster Alien Movies and Hollywood Props & Movie Replicas
Lifesize Alien Warrior Prop 1:1 scale
Alien Price is $5,200.00 plus shipping

Stands 7 feet 7 inches
Resin and Rigid Foam Head
Transparent Dental Acrylic Lips
Vacu-Form Dome
Steel Armature, Armature Wire in Tail to pose
Wood Base (4' by 2') Heal Pins into Steel Bracket
Latex and Polyfoam Body & Tail
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