Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

the eyes of so many people from so many walks of life - inspired me to get clean

We are Happy Annie iis Alive!!

Thanks Chris,
I've received a couple of emails.
One thing I just this morning remembered was one of my therapy sessions with my shrink, who treated me pretty radically and intensely, but successfully... He asked me why I'd checked myself in this time and wasn't there to detox, but rehabilitate (I was an inpatient for 6 weeks)... I told him that I'd found your site and it was the 'dead friends' section that shook me. I didn't want to be a dead friend of anyones. Not under those circumstances, anyway. Then I made him look up your site!
Chris, the day before I checked in, I lay on the floor of my bathroom, after bringing up blood and began to laugh. I laughed hard because I was back. Sure, I was sick but the real me was back and at that moment I realised I'm not actually this person. It was all over right there. Vomiting blood can do that too! lol
Your art - the eyes of so many people from so many walks of life - inspired me to get clean.
So, yea. Thanks so much.
Wow, this has been a weird but thoughtful 24 hours.
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