Addict (drugaddict) wrote,

Annie from Australia! loves life + recovery + photography

I'm Ann (.................) from livejournal.
I've been on your site for hours now.
I told you this once before, years ago infact - when I was in the middle of my drug hell - that I loved the photo of your friend, Marc Peters in the snow. I still love it.
You have no idea how comforting and challenging your site was for me when I used drugs and ultimately when I made the decision to quit them.
I am just over four years clean now and I love sobriety. I try to look at the time I spent on drugs as character building and the reason I am as strong as I am today. I also remind myself to remember humility and never take for granted the fact I am clean. I know it's a lifetime commitment.
Thank God for people like you in the world, man.
Your photos humanize addicts and remind us that junkies, hustlers, homeless, hookers, are all still human beings who laugh, cry and love.
Bravo. Seriously. :) 
P.S. Do you sell copies of your photos? Nadia Frey's portrait is one that shouts of the pages at me and all I can say is 'wow'.
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