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The WaPo may have ignored your Libby letter, in any case. . .

Subject:        The WaPo may have ignored your Libby letter, in any case. . .
Date:   Mon, 26 Feb 2007 12:56:27 -0500

   Monday, 26 February 2007

     Crickets at the Washington Post

Larry C Johnson*

*I have tried repeatedly in the last two weeks to get a letter to the
editor and a letter to the Ombudsman (perhaps Ombudswoman?) published at
the Washington Post in response to their clear policy of advocating on
behalf of Scooter Libby. *

*Here's my most recent letter to Deborah Howell, the incompetent ombudsman:*

   *Dear Ms. Howell:*

   *Instead of turning to someone who actually knows the truth you
   prefer to bury your
   head in the sand of ingnorance.  It is not just my word.  You can
   ask a host of
   retired CIA officers who can verify that Valerie Plame was covert
   until her identity
   was compromised in the Robert Novak article.  The willful ignorance
   of the Post
   is a disgrace to journalism.  The number of people who can vouch for
   identity is significant.  Ask Tyler Drumheller, Chief of the
   European Division of
   the CIA Directorate of Operations.  Ask Robert Grenier.  Ask me.
   Ask Jim Marcinkowski.
   Ask Mike Grimaldi.  Ask Brent Cavan.  Ask Gary Berntsen.  Ask Mike
   Gorbel.  instead
   of talking to CIA officers who know firsthand, you rely on Victoria
   Toensing, who
   has ZERO experience as a CIA officer.  Hell, ask John McLaughlin.
   Ask Bill Harlow
   (oops, I forgot, he already told your reporters she was undercover
   and asked them
   not to report it.)*

   *Your ignorance and cowardice on this is breathtaking.
   Larry Johnson*

*What is so troubling about the Post is that it has been unflagging in
printing puff pieces about Scooter.  Last week, for example, the Post
published the work of Byron York and Victoria Toensing.  The only
"rebuttal" allowed was a 150-word letter from Brent Budowsky.  The
refusal to fairly and accurately present the other side of this issue is
a further sign that the Washington Post has lost its way as a
journalistic institution.  I am canceling my subscription to the Post.
I encourage others to do likewise. *

*Posted by Larry Johnson on Monday, 26 February 2007 at 11:53 | *
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