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The Source of the Nile

   Actually, a lot. The Nile River originates near the town of Jinja in
Uganda, east of Kampala, over the Ripon Falls at the north end of Lake
Victoria. It starts as the Victoria Nile in Uganda, then becomes the
Albert Nile at the north end of Lake Albert, becomes the White Nile as
it crosses the border into Sudan, then joins the Blue Nile (which
originates in Ethiopia) at Khartoum, and continues on through Egypt to
the Mediterranean.

   In the Nineteenth Century intrepid explorers were obsessed with
finding the source of the Nile, probably motivated by a wish to control
the whole river for strategic and economic reasons, and of course this
was especially true for the British, who eventually did control most of
it. John Hanning Speke (1827-64), was an explorer associate of Sir
Richard Burton. Together they explored East Africa (1857-59), together
"discovered" Lake Tanganyika, and Speke then continued alone and
discovered the source of the Nile as described above. He published a
book in 1863 "proving" his discovery of the source in Uganda. He died
the next year. There is a Speke Hotel in Kampala, Uganda named after him.

    The reference to the bodies floating down the Nile is to the use
made of it for the disposal of murdered opponents of General Idi Amin.
The crocodiles that inhabit the river helped dispose of the evidence.
    Bob Keeley

ED wrote:
> Bob,
>   What in hell does Uganda have to do with the Nile?
> Cheers,
> Ed
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